Thursday, April 26, 2012

IMT - "Reason"

You can find an explanation of the new (and presumably random) IMT feature here.


He was too old for her
Or she was too old for him
Or he traveled too much
Or she worked too much
Or he wanted children
Or she wanted more children
Or they’d rushed into things.
Wasn’t religious enough.
Wasn’t affectionate enough.
Too political.
Always out.
Too loud.
Too much.
Never wanted sex.
Turned out to be a lesbian.
Turned out to be a different person.
It was complicated.

They stopped agreeing
On movies, on who had to walk the dog.
They never talked anymore.
They married too young,
Lost their passion,
Grew apart or
Turned out they never loved each other,
Not even as they spoke their vows.

I ,
seldom certain about much,
do not doubt

But that is not the same as faith.

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