Sunday, September 16, 2012

Lascaux Flash Fiction contest - deadline Sept 22

If you follow my blog, odds are good that you already follow the Lascaux Review as well.  (If you don't, you should!) In case you don't, I highly recommend you check out their Lascaux Flash Fiction contest, open now.

Here is my entry, entitled "Splinter."  Please do feel free to go read and comment--and read and comment on other wonderful entries.

I opted to submit it as a guest entry rather than as a contest entry because, frankly, I just don't need the stress right now. :)  I loved participating in the Clarity of Night flash fiction contests, and Lascaux reminds me strongly of them--but I didn't want the mental weight of wondering how my entry "measures up."  I just wanted the pleasure of reading and being read. 

You, however, should certainly enter the contest.  Submit flash of up to 250 words, inspired by the photo prompt.  There's a $250 prize, and they just recently announced that the winner will also receive an 8x10 print of the fabulous photo prompt. The deadline for submission is Sept 22.  So go! Now!  And good luck to you!

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